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Game Objective: To find and solve all mysteries/puzzles within 60 min.


1. Please arrive at the reception at least 15 minutes earlier than your session starting time. If you are late for the session as a team, you would be entitled to the remaining time of the session, without any extension. ALL participants will enter at the same time. Late participants will not be allowed to enter the game if the rest of the group has already started.


2. Smoking is NOT allowed in any area of the facility.


3. Number of participants for each room various depending on each game and the reservation you made. Over the maximum capacity limit is not allowed in order to maintain the designed experience of the game.


4. All personal belongings should be kept in the designated locker. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, recorders, paper, pencils, pens, keys, flashlights, flammable, explosive, sharp items, food and drinks (list is not exhaustive) are strictly not permissible. There will be security check before entering the rooms.


5. Things that are marked with X are out of bound and do not contain any clues. DO NOT lift or move any heavy furniture. NO clues will be hidden under the heavy furniture.


6. Please handle props and all items with care. No violence needed to solve any puzzle in the game. Damage to any item or furniture will be charged in order to replace the item. 


7. You will be given hints if you are stuck in a clue/lock for too long.


8. In case of emergency, there is a key to the door behind the "Emergency Exit" sign at the entrance of each game. Avoid high heels if possible. 

Rules & HOW TO PLAY 

          - must read before booking your room


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