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Enigma Room Escape NYC | The Da Vinci Obsession

The Da Vinci Obsession

Your client's grandfather, who is a famous historian notoriously known by his obsession of Da Vinci's work, disappeared after leaving a strange letter to your client Sophie. In the letter he urges your client to uncover the secret hidden within his gallery office, as someone after the secret will get to it within an hour…


Challenge Level


Recommended Team Size

5 Persons

Maximum Capacity

7 Persons (Please contact us if you want to exceed the max)


Special Notes

Do not get too fascinated by Da Vinci’s paintings


Key to Success

Team communication, observation and imagination.


Role Playing

One of the members in the team will be playing the role of Sophie

$29 Per Person for groups of 4 or more,  3 people group $100


We only do Private Games 

Text us to book
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